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The Bhawani Sao Ramlal Sao Memorial College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Mungeli is a newly added college in this university and in the state too in Govt. sector. Though, there are two Agricultural Engineering Colleges affiliated to this university already functioning in the state but are being managed by NGOs. Against all odds, the year 2007 was a momentous in the history of Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya as it laid the foundation of first Agricultural Engineering College of state in the Government sector by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh at Mungeli. The dream that was nurtured for this college is steadily moving towards its desired destination. The main role and function of this college is to provide education and training to the students of this state in the field of Agricultural Engineering and Technology. The Agricultural Engineering in India is not new, it was started in 1942 at Allahabad Agricultural Institute, Allahabad. The region based education and training is helpful and proven particularly in the field of agriculture and rightly there was a continuous demand to have an Agricultural Engineering College to train the local youth in the field of agricultural engineering like, soil and water conservation, mechanization in agriculture, processing and value addition of commodities available and produced in this region which will eventually form the integral part of agriculture development in the region and remain sustainable. Immediately after the formation of this state, the efforts for opening of an Agricultural Engineering College in the university was continuously being done. But it is an established fact that the creation takes its own time and a long awaited dream was came to true when a proposal of Bhawani Sao Ramlal Sao Dharmada trust, Mungeli was placed before the Govt. This trust is doing very good work in the area of education and upliftment of the society. The trust’s proposal for donation of 30 acres land and cash amount of Rs. 60.00 lacks was well taken by the state Govt. as well as by this university and agreed to have an Agricultural Engineering College in Mungeli.

With the constant and untiring efforts, not only the teaching is being fulfilled but other activities like sports, games, educational visits, cultural programme etc. are also being enjoyed by the students. The university is putting all efforts to fill up the vacant positions of the staff as soon as possible. Some times it happens that institute gets financial support for equipments, laboratories, books and meeting other contingencies requirements very easily and do not get financial support for construction of buildings and other amenities. The Govt. has given money for the construction of college building and hostels. This is a very good sign for development of any educational institute so that this college will grow to a good college and will become symbol not only in the state of Chhattisgarh but at National and International level.


To educate students so as to prepare them for their careers in the field of Agricultural Engineering in which they will become leaders in industry, the profession and to conduct quality education, research and extension by applying engineering principles to solve problems of agricultural system.


  1. To impart education and entrepreneurial skills in engineering and design, development, manufacturing, operation of equipment & technologies for farm operations, processing and value addition, efficient use of agricultural inputs & natural resources including different forms of energy in agriculture
  2. To conduct research on development of machines/technologies with an aim to mechanize various farm operations as well as post harvest/product-processing operations.
  3. To develop and enhance multiple intelligences and promote creativity in the students and Agricultural Engineers
  4. To provide opportunities for the students in order to cope up with challenges of future
  5. To provide the right kind of work ethos, professional expertise and leadership among the students in all walks of their life
  6. To seek and cultivate new knowledge to engage vigorously and fearlessly in the pursuit of growth through quality teaching and to interpret all knowledge and beliefs in the light of new inventions and discoveries in the field of Agricultural Engineering. During these five flourishing and challenging years, it has been the content endeavours to pursue the tradition of quality education and in diligent pursuance of this goal; we have discovered a strong need to excel in all spheres
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